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The course course modules will be held once a month, on Fridays and Saturdays. The cost is € 3,000; and there is a limited number (20 places). If you need any additional information, we invite you to consult the site as soon as possible:


Announcement advanced course in

Interventional, aesthetic and correttive dermatology 2018/2019

Location of lessons

Eight "basic" modules will take place in the Dermatology Division's classroom at the University of Naples Federico II and two "extra" modules will take place at Miller School of Medicine - University of Miami and the Galadari Derma Clinic in Dubai.

Each partecipant can decide to follow the "extra" modules in the relevant host clinics at his own expense or on-line via FAD course. The course will be entirely translated into English.



Lessons will take place on the following dates:


25-26 Genuary 2019 (Naples)

16-20 March 2019 (Dubai)

5-6 April 2019 (Naples)

5-6 July 2019 (Naples)

22-23/26-27 August 2019 (Miami)

11-12 October 2019 (Naples)

Programme (PDF)


Subscription fee

€ 3,000.00 to be paid to the Department of Clinical Medicine and Surgery


ECM procedure

It is exempted from the obligation of the E.C.M. the health personnel who attend, in Italy or abroad, post-basic training courses belonging to the category they belong to (specialization course, research doctorate, master's degree, scientific specialization course and specialized degree), foreseen and governed by the Decree of the MURST of 3 November 1999,

n. 509, published in the G.U. n. 2 of 4/01/2000.